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        Summer family session Photography

        Beautiful Family session in summer sunset light near Florence.

        Summer is the perfect season for outdoor shootings. Sun light is gold, nature is luxuriant and weather is mostly sunny. If you come and visit Tuscany in may, june and july, or if you are based in Florence and always dreamed about beautiful family portraits with your sons, I could be your personal photographer!

        I’m writing in english for the first time in my website, because this gallery is dedicate to a splendid Swedish family spending is holiday in Florence countryside and celebrating theirs parents love.

        In June, in fact,  I have been hired by this beautiful swedish family to realize a family session and capture the love of the fifty years married grandparents.  The whole family was lodging in Villa Monteoriolo and I spent a nice afternoon together with them capturing candid kids photography and intimate couple photography. I love to meet people and to know about their life and their origins. I remember this kind people with lot of joy, and they have appreciated a lot the spontaneous approach of my photography style.

        It’s never too late to celebrate Love! Do you agree?






























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